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Name:Raylan Givens

Why do you wear the hat?
Well, I tried it on and it fit.

Name: Raylan Givens
DOB: 05/20/1970
Family: Arlo Givens (Father - Alive), Frances Givens (Mother - Deceased), Helen Givens (Aunt/Step-Mother - Deceased), Winona Hawkins (Ex-Wife/Current Lover - Alive), Unknown (Child - Unborn)
Others: Art Mullen (Boss - Alive), Tim Gutterson (Co-Worker - Alive), Rachel Brooks (Co-Worker - Alive), Boyd Crowder (Childhood Friend, Nemesis - Alive), Ava Crowder (High School Crush/Former Lover - Alive?)
Occupation: Deputy US Marshal
Bio: Stetson hat he wears for no other reason than "it fit", long duster, cowboy boots, marshal's badge, and a skill at the quick draw. That's what the laconic Raylan Givens brings to our modern day world, a bit of the old time flair and he does it well. Looking like he stepped from a portal to another era he shows the people of Harlan County that he won't take anything sitting down. He is a tall, tight-lipped, square-jawed, no-nonsense lawman. Don't expect him to draw unless he has to and just because you draw on him first don't assume you got the upper hand because he'll draw and shoot faster than you can blink.

[Raylan Givens belongs to Elmore Leonard. Timothy Olyphant belongs to himself. I claim no creative parts of Justified, that world is all Elmore Leonard's. Muse and mun are both over 18, as is Timothy Olyphant. I am canon current with Raylan, and am willing to do crossovers.]
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